Ever considered what’s above your head? Looked longingly into the night sky wondering what’s out there? Well Dark Sky Wales (DSW) may have the answers! We are a team of professional educators who provide workshops designed to inspire and to encourage you to enjoy and explore the stars, our galaxy, the universe, astronomy and science.

We run off the shelf and tailor made experiences for people that have an interest in the sky above us. Dark Sky Wales are at the forefront of astro tourism in Wales.

Experience the night sky on an evenings adventure in the Brecon Beacons as DSW staff navigate you around the constellations, planets, nebulae and galaxies. Using telescopes to explore the moon and planets in detail and venture further into the depths of the universe. Take things a little further and image the night sky maybe capturing the death of a star or the birth of another planet. Nothing is impossible!

If you want to take things further then DSW can provide you with educational courses that can lead to further or higher education. The courses are hands-on allowing participants to become acquainted with the tools of the astronomers trade.


Allan Trow BSc, FRAS (Manager)

Allan was born and bred in the Rhondda Valley. A product of Porth County Comprehensive School where he finished his education in 1989. He then began a career in engineering as an apprentice at the Royal Mint. After completing his training Allan remained in the Royal Mint for 10 years supporting a young family. However, in 2001 he returned to education as a mature student, first studying science with the Open University before entering the University of Glamorgan on the newly formed Astronomy and Space undergraduate program. He completed his degree in 2004 gaining a first class honours and upon graduation was employed by the University to deliver its community based astronomy program. Within 12 months Allan was lecturing on the Universities main award and remained in that position until 2010 when leaving the university to establish Dark Sky Wales.

In 2008 Allan began a project within the university that would engage youths in astronomy through an innovative program of fun hands on planetarium, robotic and rocketry inspired workshops. In addition to these offerings an adult education program was established which saw individuals from across the whole of Wales engaged in several university based modules. This program provided the springboard for several individuals to enter the full degree program and eventually become teachers/educators and small business owners in their own right.

In 2010 Allan took the decision to leave the university and establish two companies, Dark Sky Wales Education Services, a social enterprise that would provide Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths workshops to school age students across the country. The second company Dark Sky Wales Training Services would cover adult education and tourism. This business in particular has grown from strength to strength and now provides bespoke stargazing products to visitors from all over the world.

Dark Sky Wales Training Services has worked closely with local authorities, AONB, National Trust, Companies and general public to assist them in developing a sensible approach to dark sky awareness. Allan has also developed a number of stargazing events which have seen tens of thousands participating in a Dark Sky Wales experience and is a Visit Wales Ambassador.

Allan has also developed a number of experiences with partners developing products that engage wider audiences including bespoke stargazing weekends through to inspirational talks by Apollo astronauts.

Martin Griffiths BSc, MSc, FRAS (Astronomer/Presenter)

Martin has been an astronomer for 40 years. A former lecturer and science communicator at the University of South Wales Martin has gained an international reputation for his knowledge and science communication.


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